-Our Mission-

We aim to create and provide the highest quality products & services technology has to offer while bridging the gap between fine art and the ever growing world of vinyl.  From the printing process to the packaging and shipping we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations each and every time! 


While operating their parent company (A full service graphic design and large format vinyl printing and installation company) located in Newport News Virginia, Marcus and Sharita, the founders of Artemis Walls, noticed a large void in the peel and stick wallpaper industry.  In 2017, after noticing such limited options in the availability of modern, beautiful and fun wallpaper designs, they decided to launch Artemis Walls!
 From gorgeous traditional patterns and designs to bold eclectic and everything in between, we have you covered, literally!  Peel and Stick Wallpaper is becoming one of the most cost effective and stylish ways to quickly and easily customize your home, office or living space.  With hundreds of styles, textures and finishes to choose from, we make each and every order with love, precision, and detail.